Ride 20/04/2019

Distance 27.82 mi | Time 2:05:41 | Speed 13.3 mph | Elevation 1,775 ft

Source: Ride 20/04/2019

With the road bike in for it’s service this week I was out on the mountain bike, probably for the first time in 6 months or more. I kept this ride short as my saddle was on the road bike and the saddle on the mountain bike is not comfortable for very long. Decided to ride to work just to see how far it was and how long it could take me should I decide to ride to work one day. It’s fairly short, 13 miles or so and I did that in 50 mins on the mountain bike which means I can do it quicker on the road bike. Went a slight detour on the return journey just to give me some variety but my bum was getting sore towards the end. If I had my saddle I would cycle further but I don’t, maybe I need to invest in a second Brooks saddle

Evans Cycles Ride It Callander 2019

Evans Cycles Ride It Callander 2019

This Ride doesn’t get any easier each year 😫 sure it’s a sunny day but it’s still bloody cold, I had to clear the frost of my car before driving to Callander. The 15 mph headwind on the return leg didn’t help either especially riding around the Lochs it got quite blustery. But I did finish the ride without killing myself there have been years where I’ve barely made it back to the start of the ride. Thankfully this year wasn’t one of them, so 56 miles clocked up at an avg speed of 14 mph and I’ll live with that

Ride 07/04/2019

Distance 42.92 mi | Time 2:52:53 | Speed 14.9 mph | Elevation 2,421 ft

Source: Garmin Connect

Another shitey weather day only windier than yesterday, so I decided to go alone as I could then ride at my pace and the distance I wanted rather than be dictated by the group. It’s been a while since I’ve done my leven loop so did that today as it would mean I wouldn’t be cycling headwind too long. Just as well because by the time I got to Kirkcaldy I was wet and cold with cycling into the wind and having the rain pelt me in the face all the way. Thankfully after leaving Kirkcaldy it was cross wind most of the way and I could get some speed up. So 42 miles clocked up at a slightly better avg speed than yesterday and next weekend is the Evans cycles Ride it event in Callander so lets hope for some better weather.

Ride 06/04/2019

Distance 46.64 mi | Time 3:12:57 | Speed 14.5 mph | Elevation 2,375 ft

Source: Garmin Connect

Well it’s a dull wet day and I’m out with the 09:00 crew. Although not chucking it down it was still raining enough for me to be pretty wet by the time I got back home, even with wet gear on. Easy enough ride today, including going up knockhill, but of course that brings the avg down to 14 mph. Tomorrows not any better weather wise and I have no idea where we are going so we shall see