Ride 26/05/2012 Falkirk to Perth

Ride 26/05/2012 Falkirk to Perth by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

So it’s a nice sunny day and I think I will ride to Perth today.

Cycle stats – 93 miles covered, cycle time 11 hours, 8 of which I’m actually pedalling, 5400 feet of hills climbed :-0

Sunburn stats – right arm fucking cremated and HURTS!!! left arm not burnt, left leg not burnt, right leg fine bar the back of my knee brunt, but not badly, right ankle brunt, but not badly, back of neck burnt quite badly but not in much pain.

Did I use sun block HELL YEAH factor 30! will use factor 60 next time if it exists. I think my arm got it because the sun was on it constantly for 11 hours. Sun on my right on the way to Perth, sun on my right going back home :’-( need to monitor the suns progress and take appropriate action.


Ride 05/05/2012 Falkirk to Crieff

Ride 05/05/2012 by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details.

Another ridiculous hilly long distance ride over the Ochils to Crieff and back but the interesting part is by dropping my average speed by 1 mph, from 12 to 11 I’ve managed to do 82 miles. It definitely pays to ride slow my average heart rate has dropped to 150 bpm instead of the usual 160/170 bpm, which in turn reduces the calories I’m burning and thus I can ride further But the most important part is I don’t feel like shite and my legs don’t hurt, although I have a slightly sore bum and my neck was nipping something stupid, but I was riding over 9 hours, and the more I ride the more I learn.