Ride 29/03/2015

Ride 29/03/2015.

After yesterdays no go gale force winds today’s winds had died down a bit but were still strong but at least I could ride in it. Unfortunately it was raining as well which didn’t help having that driven into my face, but I soldiered on taking a route around Cumbernauld’s north side and the return on the south side returning via Slamannan. Not a big ride but given the shitey weather it was enough for me.

Ride 21/03/2015 Ben Cleuch

Ride 21/03/2015 Ben Cleuch.

Well it’s a nice sunny day with low wind speeds so I decided to take a crack at Ben Cleuch, the highest hill in the Ochils, and I friggin make it although I’m knackered now and have strained a muscle It’s quite a difficult ride up to Ben Buck but thankfully it evens out with the ride up to Ben Cleuch. It’s usually very windy up their but today it was a pleasant breeze so took some photos, had a bite to eat and headed down again, I wanted to get home before dinner. All in all a good day with over 3300 feet climbed.

Ride 08/03/2015

Ride 08/03/2015.

Shitey weather weekend, so riding Saturday was out the question, gale force winds were just too high, and even though Sunday was slightly better wind wise I was still fighting the wind the entire ride. The rain didn’t help either but wasn’t hard so I just ploughed on, not a big ride today but the weather just sucked