Flight to Northampton

So whilst I was down at my Dad’s to do the BHF ride my dad took me for a flight in his microlight on Sunday. We flew from High Wycombe to Northampton where the microlight was scheduled to have some maintenance done to it. I took the opportunity to take some pictures during the flight The flight was 30 mins but it took over an hour to drive back to Wycombe.


BHF’s Windsor to Bath off road

On Saturday 15th September I did the BHF’s Windsor to Bath off road bike ride, which is a 105 mile off road ride along the Ridgeway and canal to Bath. Tough ride but a good one to do.

Unfortunately my garmin went flat before I completed the ride so I lost all my ride data and since I was riding against the clock I didn’t stop very often to take pictures, other than when I was eating.

Although the garmin went flat I do still have the route mapped out for the garmin saved as a course. I’ve attached it along with the photos below.