Ride 27/06/2015 Faslane Loop

Ride 27/06/2015

Well after 108 miles of cycling I don’t feel too bad, tired, slightly sore neck but all in all better than I was expecting for such a long ride. Anyway decided to ride to Garelochhead which is just past Faslane Naval base, hadn’t been this far west before and I wanted to ride against the prevailing wind and then have it pushing me home again. Not too bad a ride, not too hilly and not too flat, especially as I was cycling over towards Loch Lomond which required me to cycle over some big hill. Weather was ok, cloudy but warm and that westerly wind, but my stupid garmin dropped my sensors again >:-( and I didn’t see this as I was following the map. Giving some serious thoughts on replacing it.

Ride 20/06/2015 Pentlands

Ride 20/06/2015

Well shite cycling day, not because of the weather, that was ok, but because 10 miles out first puncture, I had spare inner tube. 33 miles out second puncture! now I’m really pissed off cause I now have to waste time fixing 2 inner tubes in the middle of nowhere. 2 hours of fucking stoppages not a happy bunny so screw it I cut the ride short in Edinburgh and caught the train home. Oh forgot to say I was intending to ride to Rosslyn Chapel and back home again, and I did make it to Rosslyn just didn’t have the time or motivation to ride back home again.

Ride 07/06/2015 Crieff Loop pt1

Ride 07/06/2015

I have no idea WTF my Garmin was doing here but it went into melt down and ruined the ride data. I had to reset it to get it back up and running again in Crieff but I did get most of the the data. >:-( Anyway I did my Crieff loop which is quite hilly, over the Ochils twice, and on a windy day like today made all the harder. So the totals should have been distance 75 miles, time 5:19:55, avg 14.05 mph, just shows how windy it was my averages went to pot and elevation gain 4603 feet. The ride had to be split into 2 activities thanks to the Garmin screw up but you get the idea.