Ride 14/04/2012

Ride 14/04/2012 by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well the plan was to ride to Perth today but unbeknown to me the Garmin decided to take me on a 50 mile detour >:-( After riding 20 miles I see a sign that says Perth 33 miles away and I wonder WTF! I check the Garmin and after much swearing I abandoned the ride, I’m not ready to do a 100 mile ride yet. Rode to Edinburgh instead and back home. This is what I get for not programming the Garmin before hand which is what I would normally do for a ride, but I didn’t think the satnav was that bad!

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  1. Forgot to say it’s only 35 miles to Perth from my house, so I’ll have another crack this weekend if the weather is ok.

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