Ride 26/09/2015

Ride 26/09/2015

Today’s little ride was a stint over the Ochils Hills, twice, once via the Path of Condie and the other up by Dunning. This feels small to the 6000 feet we were climbing over Dartmoor but it was still a good work out Weather was dull but little wind to contend with and no rain.

Ride 19/09/2015 Falkirk to Dumfries

Falkirk to Dumfires

Well first cycle ride after the LEJOG and I decided to ride to Dumfries my birth place which we skipped by on the LEJOG. It’s an 80 miles ride through the wilderness and unbeknownst to me I had forgotten my bike pump so if i had gotten a puncture I would have been in major shite. Thankfully my trusty bike served me well and I got no punctures and made it all the way. The weather wasn’t too bad, a bit overcast but again I was fighting a headwind heading south so it make it difficult at times. I sure as hell didn’t recognise anything when I got there, my childhood memories didn’t match up. Anyway I took some snaps and have some fresh memories and have no idea if I’ll get there again.

Ride 20/06/2015 Pentlands

Ride 20/06/2015

Well shite cycling day, not because of the weather, that was ok, but because 10 miles out first puncture, I had spare inner tube. 33 miles out second puncture! now I’m really pissed off cause I now have to waste time fixing 2 inner tubes in the middle of nowhere. 2 hours of fucking stoppages not a happy bunny so screw it I cut the ride short in Edinburgh and caught the train home. Oh forgot to say I was intending to ride to Rosslyn Chapel and back home again, and I did make it to Rosslyn just didn’t have the time or motivation to ride back home again.

Ride 07/06/2015 Crieff Loop pt1

Ride 07/06/2015

I have no idea WTF my Garmin was doing here but it went into melt down and ruined the ride data. I had to reset it to get it back up and running again in Crieff but I did get most of the the data. >:-( Anyway I did my Crieff loop which is quite hilly, over the Ochils twice, and on a windy day like today made all the harder. So the totals should have been distance 75 miles, time 5:19:55, avg 14.05 mph, just shows how windy it was my averages went to pot and elevation gain 4603 feet. The ride had to be split into 2 activities thanks to the Garmin screw up but you get the idea.

Ride 30/05/2015 Erskine Bridge

Ride 30/05/2015

Another not too bad weekend, some sunshine, cloud and 12-15 mph wind. Decided to go a route that would take me over the Erskine bridge, hadn’t been on this bridge and I was curious. It’s a long ride and I would be riding against the wind for the most of it until I swung round and hit Paisley then the wind would be behind me I’m not a fan of riding in big cities but Paisley was quite nice until I hit Glasgow and the traffic Anyway 95 miles knocked out and I’m not too tired.

Ride 23/05/2015 Ochils Full Loop

Ride 23/05/2015

Well it’s a nice sunny day so I decided to to my Ochils Full Loop which normally is around 82 miles but I wanted to ride 100 miles today so I continued on until I hit may mark. Not too windy but because I’m doing a loop I would hit one direction and have it behind me another and then hit it again to bump up my mileage. All in all a good days ride and even after a 100 miles i’m tired but not FUBAR which can happen on some of my long distance riding