Ride It Callander MTB 2014

Ride It Callander MTB 2014 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well this was going well until I went over the fucking handlebars coming down a hill! Luckily I fell into a muddy stream which cushioned the fall, but I still came away with a few cuts and bruises but worst of all I was wet now Can’t stand being wet it makes me very cold and on a cold day like this, this is a big issue for me, and I was only half way. I soldiered on but never got warm again, although I did eventually dry, until it rained All in all it was a good ride, well at least it didn’t kill me this time round, last time I did this it killed me twice over, but that was a far tougher route than this years. Anyhow made it back to the start knackered but not feeling terrible.