Ride 26/01/2019

Ride 26/01/2016

Unfortunately this mornings ride got corrupted at the cafe when the garmin took a hissy fit I do however have the the second half of the ride after the cafe stop but todays ride was the usual Sat bun run ride of about 47 miles. Although this does leave me wondering what the overall stats were as I did keep up with the group today.

Ride 20/01/2019

Source: Ride 20/01/2019

Oh boy was this a tough! ride, I didn’t know where we were going this morning and thats my own fault but had I known I wouldn’t have done this ride. It started with being a colder day than yesterday although it was still dry, again there were a lot of us about 18 today. In the end I found out that we were cycling to Doune, when we actually got to Doune for the cafe stop, my fault for being a sheep! I was tired when we got there so I knew by that point I wasn’t going to be able to stay with the group going back. True enough by the time we got to Salin I was smashed and its a long hill climb there. I let the group carry on and I stopped there, I wasn’t going to be able to go any further, I was just to exhausted so I had a bite to eat and drink at Salin and decided I would go home a different route, one less stressful. Remarkably by the time I got home I had still managed to do 74 miles at an avg speed of 17 mph which is mental for me in this time of the season, I’m usually my weakest in the winter months. So for next week I need to find out what distance we are doing so I can plan accordingly

Ride 19/01/2019

Source: Ride 19/01/2019

Well it’s a very cold day to be cycling but surprisingly enough there were a lot of us out today about 20 of us. Due to ice on the roads we decided not to go up knockhill which was fine by me, so todays ride was a reasonable one where I was able to keep up with the group

Ride 13/01/2019

Source: Ride 13/01/2019

Brutal ride this morning, riding in 22 mph headwinds which was greater than yesterdays winds was just a nightmare. Really struggled today to keep up even from the back of the group, so glad to get back home but I was so tried I struggled to even get up the stairs to the shower.

Ride 12/01/2019

Distance 46.76 mi | Time 2:47:48 | Speed 16.7 mph | Elevation 2,585 ft

Source: Ride 12/01/2019

Tough ride today, wind was strong which made cycling really difficult. Thankfully I was able to keep up most of the time but it cost me! My avg power for today was 186 watts on a normal day that should be around the 160 watts mark. I certainly felt it going up knock hill so much so I got a new FTP record for today but I’ve no got sore legs which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow as it’s supposed to be windier and an longer ride

Ride 06/01/2019

Ride 06/01/2019

The weather report for today said sunny spells with a temp of around 8 degrees so I dressed accordingly thinking I’ll be ok temp wise. The weather report was so wrong! It was misty all the way around today’s route and bloody cold. Just as well we were going fairly fast as I was cold to most of the time with the odd occasion where I was working hard and I got some warmth. Good job I wasn’t freezing my arse off as that would have ended the ride for me. Anyway today’s ride was the permanent fixed course of about 55 miles for me through Falkland, skipping out the nasty hill just after the cafe stop 56 miles clocked up at an avg speed of 17 mph, not bad for a shity day like today.

Ride 05/01/2019

Ride 05/01/2019

Well first ride of the year and given the large number that turned up today looks like a few new years resolutions have kicked in Today we actually went at a reasonable pace so much so I didn’t struggle at all today and was with the group all the way round, and didn’t even get dropped going up knock hill Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow at the club has instigated a new Sunday route which means we will no longer pick a random route on the Sunday ride, it’s a fixed route going around Loch Leven of about 50 miles.