Ride 31/03/2019 pt1

Ride 31/03/2019 pt1

Well today was the club 100 miles ride and oh boy was it hard. Even though I was going with the slower group I still suffered. Things were fine up to the cafe stop just after comrie but about 20 miles after that I ran out of energy We were in the Trossachs by this point int time and although we weren’t taking a particularly hilly route I had to drop off to stop and eat. I caught up with the group in Callander and was only able to keep up with them to Doune where I cramped up and had to stop again. I decided to part ways at this point and make my own way back and took the route with the least amount of resistance whilst stopping often to allow myself to recharge a bit. I reset the Garmin at Stirling which is why this is on 2 parts again. So 110 miles clocked up in about 7 hours 30 mins with an avg of 14 mph and 4500 feet of climbing. I think going forward I may need to do the long rides on my own, the club only stopped twice which is far too fee stops for me to make such a long distance, think I stopped about 5 times over the total distance which I don’t think the club would do.

Ride 31/03/2019 pt2

Ride 30/03/2019

Distance 46.62 mi | Time 3:10:40 | Speed 14.7 mph | Elevation 2,631 ft

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It’s a pleasant day weather wise so it’s out with the 09:00 guys rather than the wrecking crew, especially since I’m doing the 100 mile club run tomorrow. Nothing too strenuous, even going up knock hill was fine, hence the 14 mph average, roll on tomorrows 100 mile ride

Ride 23/03/2019 pt2

Distance 19.04 mi | Time 1:11:47 | Speed 15.9 mph | Elevation 1,427 ft

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Out with the wrecking crew this morning mainly due to the weather being dangerous tomorrow with very high winds so I wanted a bit of a workout this morning. So I am suitably wrecked now and shattered as even today was a windy day and I was even leading the group for a little while. Unfortunately I stopped the garmin at the cafe stop and then hit the wrong button to start it up again and ended up saving the ride rather than continuing it which is why this ride is in 2 parts. I decided to take it easy going up knockhill as I was knackered by this point and it was nice not having to hammer it up the hill Next weeks Sunday ride will be the first club 100 mile ride so I’ll be taking it easy next weekend to make sure I get home still in once piece.

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Ride 17/02/2019

Ride 17/02/2019

So no cycling last Sunday and yesterday thanks to the snow but I was able to get out today but that didn’t last long. I started out with the group up to Stirling but they were going to Doune today which was too far for me at their speed, so I decided I would peel off at Stirling and head back home via Alloa. This all feel to pieces by the time I hit Clackmannan where I got a puncture Unfortunately for me the new wheels I got for my bike in Jan are tubeless and I’m riding with tubes which made changing the tire and tube impossible. After an hour of trying to fix the puncture which resulted in 3 more punctures trying to get the tire back on I gave up in despair and called mum to come and pick me up and take me home. So I’m selling the new wheels and buying some more new clincher (tube) wheels in the hope I never have to go through that again. On the 8 years that I’ve been cycling I’ve never had to call someone to rescue me >:-( not a happy bunny and I only got 35 miles of the 50 miles that I wanted to do!

Ride 09/03/2019

Distance 44.50 mi | Time 3:04:35 | Speed 14.5 mph | Elevation 2,431 ft

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Out with the 09:00 crew in a windy mixed bag of weather day. The avg speed was 14 mph which is a bit on the slow side for me but of course this made the ride easy and I was leading a good chunk of the way. I think this was one of the reasons when I joined the club I started cycling with the fast crew, as the next level down was a bit on the slow side. So new strategy will be I’ll ride with the fast wrecking crew tomorrow and see how I get on and maybe I’ll alternate between the fast a slower groups to see if I can find a happy medium.

Ride 02/03/2019

Ride 02/03/2019

I was out with the fast group this morning primarily because I’m not riding tomorrow and I know I can keep up with the guys on the shorter distance rides. Even though the stats say I had an avg speed of 15 mph it felt faster than that but again I wasn’t struggling to keep up today so may thats right. Anyhow next week I’ll go with the slower group both days and see how I get on.