Ride 02/03/2013 Falkirk to Dumyat

Ride 02/03/2013 Falkirk to Dumyat by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well is a beautiful sunny day so I thought I would trek up the Ochils hills, but I wan’t planning to go off road. But as I was cycling I saw some other cyclists going off road up a hill and I thought I haven’t been up there so I would take a look myself. I didn’t know the hill was Dumyat until I got back home and looked on the OS map I have. It’s not the highest hill in the Ochils but is quite a popular one apparently. And there are Crazy people who do a run race up this hill from Stirling Uni it take them 30 min!!!!! OMG it took me an hour to walk up it with the bike (yes I walked, it’s not the best place to ride your bike, far to rocky) and 20 min to ride down again, but the views are well worth it Dumyat Height 418m. Decided to ride on to Sheriffmuir Pub just a bit further up the road and did I not see a guy on a deck chair with nothing on but a pair of short! whilst on my way to the pub. Com’on people it may be sunny but its still only 10 degrees Celsius up here. Anyway 3500 feet climbed, 42 miles clocked up.