Evans Cycles Ride It event Callander MTB 2012

Evans Cycles Ride It event Callander by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details.

That was the most brutal ride I’ve ever experienced! Decided to go for the extra long route which is 40 miles long but i did not expect to meet a 2000 foot hill to climb! Suffice to say I really struggled with this one and spent a good time walking it, and even that was a struggle. Took me a hour to just walk up it and 5 hours to do the full ride, and coming down the other side was scary as its all stone paths, very uneven and at speed! Think I’ll stick to the long routes as they are only 30 miles and no insane mountains to climb.

Just as well it was flat the last 8 miles!

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  1. BTW the big hill at the end was Glen Finglas which is a 15 mile circuit starting from the beginning of Glen Finglas road at the junction with the A821.

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