Evans Cycles Ride It event Callander MTB 2012

Evans Cycles Ride It event Callander by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details.

That was the most brutal ride I’ve ever experienced! Decided to go for the extra long route which is 40 miles long but i did not expect to meet a 2000 foot hill to climb! Suffice to say I really struggled with this one and spent a good time walking it, and even that was a struggle. Took me a hour to just walk up it and 5 hours to do the full ride, and coming down the other side was scary as its all stone paths, very uneven and at speed! Think I’ll stick to the long routes as they are only 30 miles and no insane mountains to climb.

Just as well it was flat the last 8 miles!

Ride 24/03/2012 Gleneagles Loop

Gleneagles Loop by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details. Quite a tough ride this week not only to the distance (75 miles) but the hills that I would be climbing over. Decided to ride to Gleneagles in a large loop that would take me over the Ochil hills and back again. So down to Stirling, over the Ochil hills along the A9 to Gleneagles, then back over the Ochil hills down to dollar and Kincardine. Total distance back to Falkirk was only 62 miles so I continued around Larbert to bump up the miles to 75. Foggy to start with but by lunch time it was sunny, all in all a good ride, except for the sore butt!

I’m doing the Evan cycles Ride It events next weekend so no long distance riding that weekend, just lots of fun as I ride around the Trossachs and no sore bum.

Ride 17/03/2012 to Callandar.

Ride 17/03/2012 by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details. Well it was a nice sunny day so I decided to ride to Callandar up near the Trossarchs, I’ll be riding there again in 2 weeks doing the Evans Ride It event for Scotland, both the off road and on road rides over Saturday and Sunday this time. Its a pity that this is the only ride it event in Scotland all the others are in England Anyway it was a 63 mile ride and boy do I feel it, sore all over, and if this was the clock2rock I would only be half way! for one day, scary stuff…

Should have taken my camera I had some good views, will do next time. Anyhow 63 miles in 5 hours, which oddly enough was how long it took me to do 52 miles last week. What a difference no hills makes

Ride 10/03/2012 to Shotts

Ride 10/03/2012 by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details. Another dull windy day in the saddle this time to Shotts, riding up and down a lots of hills. Some nice speed going down but going up  is a pain and doing it very slowly (5-6 mph) doesn’t do much for the distance. And for some reason my Garmin decided to lose the plot and go crazy on the laps, God knows why…

Anyhow 52 miles clocked up today but it took me 5 hours to do it lets hope the Clock2Rock is flat or I’m in the saddle for up to 12 hours a day, and you can bet my arse will divorce me for that!

Ride 03/03/2012 the reverse of Tak Ma Doon Road

Ride 03/03/2012 by scotlund@blueyonder.co.uk at Garmin Connect – Details. So I decided to ride the reverse of what I did last week but going a slightly different route over cross country. It turned into a bit of a quagmire and me having to lift my bike over a lot of farmers gates. And all of that before I hit the steep side of Tak-Ma-Doon road. Took me 35 min to ride the 2 miles uphill in first gear, dam hard ride and very windy by the time I got to the top. But the fun stuff was now left, riding 10 miles down hill and reaching speeds of 35 mph