Ride 29/12/2013

Ride 29/12/2013 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Good weather again to be riding so did a loop around Stirling and Alloa and on up to the Falkirk wheel.

Ride 14/12/2013

Ride 14/12/2013 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Very windy and wet day so wasn’t going to ride far. Still came back with a cup full of water in my right boot! You’d think gore-tex boots would keep the water out but nope they let it in and keep it there. Thankfully the rest of me faired better with the driving rain hitting me in the face, only mildly damp. The wind certainly made for interesting cycling, trying not to get blown off my bike, but I was taking a reasonable sheltered route along cycle paths and quieter roads but as per usual riding against the bloody wind was a real pain in the arse, even on this short route.