Ride 30/08/2014 Callander Loop

Ride 30/08/2014 Callander Loop by Paul_Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

After last weeks mammoth ride I wasn’t looking to go crazy today so decided to do a loop up to the Trossachs around Aberfoyle and Callander. Unfortunately there was a 15 mph headwind all the way to to Aberfoyle that hurts! Of course I then had to climb up Dukes Pass which is a 10% hill climb, thank god it’s not a big hill. So after getting over this I’m knackered and thank god I have the wind behind me all the way home otherwise I don’t think I would have make it without doing some damage to myself. On the way home I stopped off at the Sir David Stirling Memorial near Doune, I’ve passed here before but never took any photos. Some light rain for the rest of the ride but nothing too heavy A slower ride but again it doesn’t help with stupid head winds, “Winter is coming”

Ride 24/08/2014 Falkirk, Dundee & Perth

Ride 24/08/2014 Falkirk, Dundee & Perth by Paul_Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Home and thank fuck! I am absolutely shattered, I don’t think I will break this one as I have no motivation to do so after today. Pushed myself to the limits as I stupidly shot out of the starting blocks way too fast and got to Dundee in 3 hours. You don’t realise that it’s not just the physical toll that takes affect, as I was riding the A91 back to Blaringone I found my mind doing strange things like staring at my front wheel rather than looking where I am going, trippy man! and potential dangerous, that’s a new one to me o.0 anyway I not only broke my own record but I did it a pretty fast time, roll on next week and back to normality

Ride 09/08/2014

Ride 09/08/2014 by Paul_Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well it does pay to have decent tyres on your bike and my Continental’s did them selves proud. 106 miles clocked up and not a single puncture even over some rough stuff. A pretty good weather day with only a few spots of rain so did my full Ochils loop and then tagged on a few more miles just to break the century. Although the 15 mph head wind back to Falkirk didn’t help, slowed me right down, so I’m quite tired now but all in all a good cycling day.