Ride 20/07/2014 Round the forth

Ride 20/07/2014 by Paul_Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

So it’s finally stopped raining, decided to do a sprint loop around my forth loop. Did a pretty good time, fastest so far but skinny tyres man bah! Pothole 1 – 0 skinny tyre. And trying the change these inner tubes sucks as well, the presta valve is huge it’s 48mm long! how the hell you supposed to get one of those in, must of spent 20 min pissing around trying to change an inner tube. I have some Continental grand prix 4 season  duraskin tyres which are supposed to be good tyres (would hope so at £50 per tyre) but I wasn’t going to use them until the winter weather sets in, may have to rethink that idea.

Ride 19/07/2014 by Paul_Lund

Ride 19/07/2014 by Paul_Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well it’s pissing it down all day so this wasn’t going to be a big ride. Decided to do a loop around the forth going the Stirling way, didn’t want to stray too far from home as I would be soaked most of the way round. In full wet gear and 20 mins out I’m wet to the bone, just as well it’s still a warm day, so I’m soaked for 2 hours but not cold

Ride 13/07/2014 Loch Leven and T in the Park

Ride 13/07/2014 Loch Leven and T in the Park by Paul_Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

So after 25 years riding mountain bikes I’ve decided to get a road bike and boy what a difference!! It’s a full carbon bike, ridiculously light and fast and the difference is night and day. Whereas I would average 12-13 mph on the mountain bike, today’s first ever ride on it to T in the Park and Loch Leven I averaged 17 mph which is unheard of for me! I clocked up 53 miles in just 3 hours. When I did this ride to last years T in the Park it took me 4 hours. It was certainly worth the expense and next years Lands end to John O’Groats should be a doodle The only bad point is the stupid race seat OMFG I would be better riding on a razor blade. That’s going big time and my Brooks saddle will replace it, even if it’s heavy and looks a bit odd on a road bike, but my arse takes priority!

Ride 01/07/2014

Ride 01/07/2014 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

YES! After 2 years of doing this 15 mile sprint I’ve finally managed to break under the hour barrier! I’ve averaged around the 1:04 hour/min but it’s always been bloody impossible to get under the hour until today. Not so sure about the 236 bpm Max HR but the 175 Avg HR is about the norm. Doubt I’ll ever beat this time, getting old, happy days