Ride 31/01/2015 Base of the Nebit

Ride 31/01/2015 Base of the Nebit.

Bad weather day, some very scary winds blowing me around. Weather forecast said the wind was 18mph which is windy but not at my threshold of 25mph which is where I do not ride the bike. But what I didn’t realise was how gusty it was! I was struggling just to keep a straight line on the road at times and I was planning to go up the hills today. Suffice to say that got cut short a bit, but didn’t stop me from getting part of the way up the hills, even as I was walking up, but by the time I got to the base of the Nebit I was struggling just to walk straight and called it a day as it was getting quite scary. Managed to take some pictures up there but didn’t hang around as I still had to cycle home.

Ride 24/01/2015 Dumyat via Blairlogie

Ride 24/01/2015 Dumyat via Blairlogie.

I wasn’t planning to go up Dumyat, the plan was to go up hill via Blairlogie and along to the Sheriffmuir road and back down again. But because it was a nice sunny day, to start with, I thought I might as well continue on and up to Dumyat whilst I was in the area. It was a little windy up their but not too bad a weather day, hence the hill climbing. Anyway it took longer to do this and was starting to get dark by the time I was heading back down hill and heading for home but all in all a good days ride.


Ride 17/01/2015 Kirkliston and back.

Ride 17/01/2015 Kirkliston and back by Paul Lund at Garmin Connect.

Well there was a possibility that I might need to go to work today, and I didn’t want to drive in, so I planned this ride with possibility that I would need to ride into Edinburgh. As it turned out I wasn’t required to go in so in the end I ended up riding to Kirkliston and back. It was a cold dull day but with mild winds around so not to bad a ride, if but a small ride.

Ride 10/01/2015

Well it’s a crazy weather day with the Met issuing weather warnings to boot. It started out sunny but with gale force winds which ridding into made life very difficult. I didn’t get much faster than 8-10 mph in the head winds especially going up hills but with the wind behind me i was costing along at 25 mph until the snow storm hit. 15:00 in the afternoon and I was riding with my lights on thanks to the snow but luckily it didn’t rain/snow hard so I at least remained reasonably dry if not with my extremities getting a bit cold. Not a long ride or of great distance but given the weather I wasn’t going to get very far.

Ride 10/01/2015 by Paul Lund at Garmin Connect.

Ride 03/01/2015 Seven Lochs Wetlands

Well first ride of the new year and its a bright sunny day which means it’s friggin cold as usual, but there’s no rain and very little wind which makes it good cycling conditions. Decided to ride somewhere new so headed to Seven Lochs Wetlands which is near Stepps west of Glasgow. Unfortunately I ended up going through Glasgow fort and got a little lost damn you garmin and your erratic route choices. Anyway once back on course I headed to Stepps and the road through Cumbernauld and back home, stopping off at my Uncles to sort a few pc issues.

Ride 03/01/2015 Seven Lochs Wetlands by Paul Lund Garmin Connect.