Ride 12/10/2013 Holyrood

Ride 12/10/2013 Holyrood by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well it’s typical Scottish weather, crap!, so decided to ride to Edinburgh city centre and do the tourist thing. Visited Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament, then onto Holyrood Palace and finally up to Edinburgh Castle where it promptly rain on me Thankfully it wasn’t too hard so I could ride home without having to catch the train.

Hike 05/10/2013 Ben Cleuch

Hike 05/10/2013 Ben Cleuch by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

OK so no cycling this week as the bike is in for it’s service and won’t return till next week. So i decided I would hike up Ben Cleuch, the highest point in the Ochil hills, and do it vis Ben Ever. This also gives me chance to see how suitable the path is for me trying to cycle up to Ben Cleuch. And although it’s doable it’s going to be a tough one as there are some very steep parts in which my only way up will be to push the bike. Thankfully most of the steep stuff is up to Ben Ever and a little section up to Ben Cleuch. It should be possible to ride down most of it and from Ben Ever to Ben Cleuch it’s a reasonable ride. My only concern will be the wind, it’s bloody windy up there! which also made it cold, even on a temperate day like it was today. Distance wise it’s only 3 miles up and 3 miles down but elevation is the killer, over 2500 feet to climb to the summit of Ben Cleuch which is 721 meters, but I get bragging rights to say I’ve been up there hopefully next time will be on the bike 0.o For the time being I need to nurse my sore and blistered feet, I was designed for riding not walking!