Ride 15/10/2021 Portugal Day 6

Ride 15/10/2021 Portugal Day 6

Well it’s my last day in Portugal and the time has flown again. Today we only had to do 60 miles to complete the ride a 15 mphnd it was an easy 60 miles mostly downhill with a couple of small climbs. Throughout this trip we were following the N2 road (National Road 2) which stretches 739 kilometres from Chaves in the north all the way to Faro in the Algarve in the South. We’ve been lucky from what the guides tell me it usually rains in the first 2 to 3 days in the north but we’ve had sun all the way As much as I was disappointed not to do the North Vietnam ride this year I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how mice a ride this one was. There was just enough distance and elevation to keep me interested and challenged over the 6 day ride and I am glad to have done this one.

Day 1 64 miles @ 15 mph 5266 feet
Day 2 80 miles @ 17 mph 5417 feet
Day 3 70 miles @ 15 mph 5807 feet
Day 4 109 miles @ 15 mph 6106 feet
Day 5 80 miles @ 16 mph 3996 feet
Day 6 65 miles @ 16 mph 3720 feet

Total distance 486 miles
Avg speed 15 mph
Total elevation 30,307 feet

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