Ride 12/10/2021 Portugal day 3

Ride 12/10/2021 Portugal Day 3

So it’s day 3 in Portugal and today’s ride was probably slightly harder than yesterdays. For one it’s warmer now, temps hitting highs of 29 degrees but although the ride was a few miles shorter than yesterday we had more climbs today. This was true for the big Cat 2 climb in the middle of the ride but also for the smaller ones before and after it. The Cat 2 climb was a very good climb because it wasn’t steep probably avg 5% but the first climb we had for the day was 16%, thankfully this was short. Again good food was served for the pit stops which was very handy for the smaller climbs which although short was getting on for 11%. This shows up in the total ascent for today which was 5800 feet compared to yesterdays 5400 feet but all in all another good day of cycling For today I did 71 miles at an avg speed of 15 mph and thankfully I didn’t get lost like some other people did today by quite a big distance

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