Ride 13/07/2019

Distance 51.31 mi | Time 3:05:27 | Speed 16.6 mph | Elevation 2,569 ft

Source: Garmin Connect

On a warm wet day I did the usual bun run with the club but of course 5 miles from the start it started to rain, now I had my mud guards on thankfully but no wet gear so I got wet but so did the rest of the group as it wasn’t forecast to rain just be cloudy and warm. Anyway the rain didn’t last too long about 25 mins so I had a chance to dry out before we hit the cafe stop. On the return leg I split from the group after riding over knockhill and headed to Kelty and Cowdenbeath as I was looking to do 50 miles today at a reasonably fast pace. In the end I knocked up the 50 miles at an avg speed of 16.6 mph so I’m happy with that

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