Ride 11/05/2019

Distance 67.28 mi | Time 4:10:58 | Speed 16.1 mph | Elevation 3,612 ft

Source: Ride 11/05/2019

Well it’s a reasonably sunny day although still a bit on the chilly side but I was out in my cycling shorts for the first time today but I still had 3 layers on and glad that I did as cycling into the head wind was cold!. Out with the 09:30 crew doing the usual route but I decided I would bump up the millage to 60 miles today so I stopped at home for lunch and then headed out again. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and as such I ended up doing 67 miles which was fine with me. After some sore legs I realised when I got home I was an avg 16 mph which wasn’t really my target (I was expecting 15 mph) but I’ll take that

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