Ride 20/04/2019

Distance 27.82 mi | Time 2:05:41 | Speed 13.3 mph | Elevation 1,775 ft

Source: Ride 20/04/2019

With the road bike in for it’s service this week I was out on the mountain bike, probably for the first time in 6 months or more. I kept this ride short as my saddle was on the road bike and the saddle on the mountain bike is not comfortable for very long. Decided to ride to work just to see how far it was and how long it could take me should I decide to ride to work one day. It’s fairly short, 13 miles or so and I did that in 50 mins on the mountain bike which means I can do it quicker on the road bike. Went a slight detour on the return journey just to give me some variety but my bum was getting sore towards the end. If I had my saddle I would cycle further but I don’t, maybe I need to invest in a second Brooks saddle

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