Ride 07/04/2019

Distance 42.92 mi | Time 2:52:53 | Speed 14.9 mph | Elevation 2,421 ft

Source: Garmin Connect

Another shitey weather day only windier than yesterday, so I decided to go alone as I could then ride at my pace and the distance I wanted rather than be dictated by the group. It’s been a while since I’ve done my leven loop so did that today as it would mean I wouldn’t be cycling headwind too long. Just as well because by the time I got to Kirkcaldy I was wet and cold with cycling into the wind and having the rain pelt me in the face all the way. Thankfully after leaving Kirkcaldy it was cross wind most of the way and I could get some speed up. So 42 miles clocked up at a slightly better avg speed than yesterday and next weekend is the Evans cycles Ride it event in Callander so lets hope for some better weather.

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