Ride 24/02/2019

Distance 75.25 mi | Time 4:25:56 | Speed 17.0 mph | Elevation 2,411 ft

Source: Ride 24/02/2019

Well today the fast group went psycho warp speed on me and went an avg 19 mph for the first 40 miles to the cafe stop! This absolutely destroyed me so I parted way after the cafe stop and went my own way home and at my speed. It was still a long ride for me clocking up 75 miles and I averaged 17 mph which I’m very happy with but I think this will be my last ride with the fast group as they are killing me every weekend and I’m not getting any faster myself. I’m riding at my limits all the time and I suspect this isn’t conducive to my health and it’s definitely not making for a fun ride. Starting next weekend I’ll be dropping to the slower group like I did yesterday and hopefully I can start to enjoy my rides again.

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