Ride 03/02/2019

Distance 47.58 mi | Time 2:48:18 | Speed 17.0 mph | Elevation 2,300 ft

Source: Ride 03/02/2019

So yesterday’s weather was atrocious -5 with about an inch of snow, I opted not to ride and I think it was the wise choice given that only 4 people turned up yesterday. Today was a slightly better day, zero degrees and some of the snow had been wiped away by traffic. Only 5 of us turned up today and we decided to do a loop around the forth which was fine with me as I know the route well and I know I can do it fast. So todays ride was a good ride for me, I was able to stay with the group and lead it some of the way. The only downside was the freezing rain/sleet we had to put up with from Falkirk to Linlithgow, where we stopped for a cafe break. By the time we finished out coffee the rain had stopped so it was a cold but dry ride back home

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