Ride 20/01/2019

Source: Ride 20/01/2019

Oh boy was this a tough! ride, I didn’t know where we were going this morning and thats my own fault but had I known I wouldn’t have done this ride. It started with being a colder day than yesterday although it was still dry, again there were a lot of us about 18 today. In the end I found out that we were cycling to Doune, when we actually got to Doune for the cafe stop, my fault for being a sheep! I was tired when we got there so I knew by that point I wasn’t going to be able to stay with the group going back. True enough by the time we got to Salin I was smashed and its a long hill climb there. I let the group carry on and I stopped there, I wasn’t going to be able to go any further, I was just to exhausted so I had a bite to eat and drink at Salin and decided I would go home a different route, one less stressful. Remarkably by the time I got home I had still managed to do 74 miles at an avg speed of 17 mph which is mental for me in this time of the season, I’m usually my weakest in the winter months. So for next week I need to find out what distance we are doing so I can plan accordingly

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