China Day 6

Sightseeing day, and a long day it was. Thankfully breakfast was at 09:00 so a little sleep in was in order, and a good breakfast it was with cereal, sausage, scrambled egg and coffee. Then at around 09:45 we caught a taxi to Tiananmen square, which is huge! So we walked the length of this to get to the forbidden city where we caught our guide for the tour around it. Again the forbidden city is huge so it took us a couple of hours to get around this, where in we went to a tea house and a calligraphy house, both of which were outrageously expensive to buy stuff from so I didn’t. It was then onto lunch and what a nice little restaurant it was, where I was able to get burger and chips  in fact none of the group bought any Chinese food.
After lunch we walked back to Tiananmen Square and caught a taxi back to the hotel to the evening celebration meal. The celebration meal was at a restaurant where we were served Peking duck and a lot of other stuff that I didn’t recognise but actually tasted quite good. It was then back to the hotel bar for some drinks which we had to buy for a supermarket as the hotel bar had closed Anyway we stayed up till 01:00 by which time we were all tired and went to bed.
So rounds up another charity bike ride for this year as is all too often they go by so quick and now I need to start organising next year’s one which will be in Vietnam and Cambodia again, to celebrate my fifth anniversary of doing these rides.

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