Ride 28/06/2014 by Paul Lund

Ride 28/06/2014 by Paul Lund at Garmin Connect – Details.

So this plan went to pot I was planning to do my full Ochils loop (85 miles) today, as the so called weather report said it wasn’t going to rain until around 16:00 and I would be close to or at home by that time. Suffice to say the weather report got it so wrong that by 11:30, when I reached Bridge of Earn it poured down, and of course I had no water proofs with me, didn’t think i needed them, bastard weather. I spent the next 2 hours riding in the rain with no hope of getting home soon, I’m just too far away, getting soaking and cold I cut my ride short but I’m so far away that I can only cut it by 10 miles and I have to ride over the Ochils instead of around them which makes it harder. It did stop raining for a little while but started up again by the time I reached Kincardine. Suffice to say by the time I got home I’m wet, cold, knackered (cos I put my foot down to get home asap) very soar thighs and thoroughly pissed off! >:-(

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