Jordan day 5

Jordan day 5 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well it’s the last day and a 06:30 wake up to a cold dark morning at the camp site. After a good breakfast it was onto the road which was to be a relatively  short day with a couple of hills. Although we would be riding downhill first we would end up going back up and then down again to Petra. Before that we were hit with a sharp hill up to a fort which would be the last of the steep hills before we did the long slightly uphill to the Petra hill which we would all be riding down to the finish line at our hotel a couple hundred metres from the entrance to Petra itself.

Once we were in the hotel we had the opportunity to have a Turkish bath down at the local Turkish bath house where I took the opportunity to do some quick shoe shopping. 35 dinars later I had some second had trainers which would save my feet for the guided tour the next day. It was then off to the Turkish bath along with everyone else by the look of things. About an hour later and after some much sweating and prodding I was back at the hotel ready for tonight’s dinner.

It’s been another good if relatively quick five days on the saddle but one that I have enjoyed and one that has definitely pushed me this time round, roll on next years ride where ever that might be.  :fingersxd:


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