Jordan day 3

Jordan day 3 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well today was a tough one, we started with a 6am wakeup call with the best breakfast so far. Then it was time to hit the road along the dead sea. This was fine as it was flat with a few small up hills and down hills but once we took the road off from the dead sea things got serious! I didn’t know it at the time but we were in for a really big hill climb ahead but prior to this we had lunch. So once lunch was done we hit the hill. Some people called it a day at that point, as the hill was an option up to Karak but a few brave souls took the challenge, me along with them. This hill was a killer which would come in at over 1800 metres tall and it was all uphill with very few rest breaks in between. But after a brutal climb of just under 2 hours I finally made it much to my satisfaction, although I did have to use my emergency energy rations to get me up it. Karak has a crusader castle at the top where I finished but I didn’t have time to look around before we were whisked off to tonight’s hotel. I certainly was looking forward to tonight’s dinner.

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