Jordan day 2

Jordan day 2 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well it was an early rise today, 6 am and off for some breakfast before we start the downhill sections to the dead sea. Today will we will be doing 55 miles and most of it will be downhill . So will started riding around half seven with a quick uphill section and then it was all downhill. After 20K we stopped for a quick break and then did a small off road downhill section which was fun. Then it was back onto the road and more downhill on to the main road. From here we had a couple of more stops and then it was mostly straight and flat all the way to the holiday inn hotel, our stop for the night is right next to the dead sea. We got to the hotel by lunch time so it was food first then changed and down to the sea for a swim :evilgrin: . Swimming in the dead sea is definitely one of those bizarre experiences, you just can’t sink! Tonight we will dine well in this five star hotel and then a briefing about tomorrow and we’ll see what happens after that.

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