Jordan day 1

Jordan day 1 by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

First day on Jordan and although it was a quick day it was a good hill day So we got into Jordan at 3 in the morning which meant that we only got about 4 hours sleep before we were woken up at 8 am this morning. After a quick breakfast we got our bike setup and then we off on the first leg of the day which was a tour around one of the sites of Jerash which was one of the old Roman sites. Although the ride started with a small crash where a few riders skidded off their bikes going down a slippery hill, I managed to get to the Roman site without incident. We then had lunch and then it was a quick ride back up to the hotel albeit up the hill that people had crashed on, but this time without incident. Day one done and its time for some dinner.

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