Ride 28/09/2013 The Nebit

Ride 28/09/2013 The Nebit by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well today’s ride was my first attempt at getting up The Nebit, one of the hills in the Ochils, Alva sits at the foothill of it. It was a misty start to the day but as the day wore on it became sunny and warm, to the point I was swimming in my own sweat going up the damn hill. Quick strip down in cloths allowed me to cycle up in just my cycle top and trousers. I was expecting it to be cold and windy at the top but as it turned out it was quite pleasant. Anyway the gravel track allowed me to cycle most of the way up ┬ábut the last 100m accent had me pushing the bike up hills again Thankfully I could cycle down it a lot easier and basically did a big loop over the hill. Meet some other mountain bikers coming up on the way down. Now that I’ve found a good way to access the hills I can make an attempt at Ben Cleuch, the highest hill in the Ochils (721m), the Nebit is only (449m) but that might wait till next year since I would only do it in good weather. Anyhow got some good pic’s

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