Ride 14/09/2013 Crichtons Cairn

Ride 14/09/2013 Crichtons Cairn by PaulLund at Garmin Connect – Details.

So it’s a nice day therefore I would do some mountain/road biking. Rode to Lennoxtown and up Crow road (Hill) until I reached the car park there. I then went off road up to Crichtons Cairn which with hindsight was not a good idea. I’ve never been up it and didn’t know what to expect, unfortunately it was ridiculously steep! One concerned hill walker asked me if I was ok after I fell pass her on the way down the hill, even pushing my bike up and down the hill I fell a couple of times. Ok for hill walkers, crazy stupid for mountain bikers, and some crazy fool actually managed to ride down the hill past me! Too much for me so won’t be going up again. Anyhow it was back on the road back to Kilsyth and up Tak Ma Doon Road which is manageable, along to Denny and back to Falkirk. Over 3800 feet climbed and 48 miles clocked up.

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