4 thoughts on “BHF-windsor-to-bath-ride

  1. Hi can you forward me a link to this route map as I’d like to have a crack at it this winter cheers Justin

    • Having done the ride it’s not something I would suggest you do in the winter. Just by the route and distance taken you would probably end up doing this in the dark, and I sure wouldn’t want to be riding in the middle of no where with no day light. My suggest would be to wait until you have at least 12 hours of daylight, ie spring/summer time and then take a crack at it, because by the time i finished the actual event it was starting to get dark. But I think as rides go this is a very good one and well worth having a crack at, I’ll be doing it again next year if the BHF run it I’ll email you the GPX file.

  2. hi,
    could you send me the gpx file for this ride please.
    been wanting to have a crack at this for a while now,
    i normally do the british heart foundations london to brighton bike ride road 9 times off road 3 times.
    great organised rides may look at this for next year with BHF and the new south downs way they added this year.

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